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Drummer | Producer | Engineer





    Matt’s pursuit of music began in the same fashion as a number of fortunate young children, by stumbling on an instrument laying around the house, and deciding to explore it.  In this case, it was his brother’s Casio keyboard.  Though his fascination barely made it past the pitch wheel, his parents saw promise and enrolled him with a local piano teacher.  Matt excelled on the keys, but when his curiosity lead him to the drums, it wasn’t long before he and anyone who listened to his playing knew that he had found his true calling.

    After high school, Matt attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he met many of the musicians and life-long friends he continues to collaborate with to this day.  While there, he honed his drumming skills with instruction from such greats as Dave DiCenso, Rod Morgenstein, Mike Mangini, and Jackie Santos, among countless other inspirational teachers and peers.  He also became fascinated with the world of the recording studio, and decided to focus his studies towards a degree in music production and engineering, which he earned in 2007. 

    Thus began Matt’s multifaceted career as a band member, session drummer, producer and engineer that has lead to his meeting and working with a slew of phenomenally talented musicians.  His versatility behind the drum kit keeps him busy in-studio and on-stage, with tours across the the US and Europe and countless shows in and around New York City.  You might find him backing a singer-songwriter on cajon on Thursday, holding down tight reggae grooves on Friday, and tearing through technical metal on Saturday.

    As a producer and engineer, Matt’s brings his unique approach to sessions held at world-class studios and basement rehearsal rooms alike.  His work can be heard on records for artists such as An Endless Sporadic, Amanda Ruzza, Mishti Roy, Tyrone Shoelaces, and Sarah Chesler, as well as his own original bands.  His mix work for producer and songwriter David Dachinger is regularly featured in broadcasts of CBS sports.


Matt Proudly plays Soultone Cymbals.


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6 Piece DW Collectors Series Maple Emerald Green Satin

4 Piece Crockett Tubs Maple Nesting Burnt Sienna Satin


7x14 On The Edge Maple Snare w/Wood Hoops Black Satin

6.5x14 Crockett Tubs Tarnished Copper over Brass Snare w/Die Cast Hoops

5.5x14 DW Collectors Series Maple "Six and Six" Snare Black Satin

5.5x14 DW Collectors Series Maple Snare Emerald Green Satin

5x14 '78 Ludwig Acrolite Sanre

3.5x14 Pearl Maple Free Floating Picolo Snare


Lots and lots of Soultone Cymbals


Tama Iron Cobra Double Kick Pedal (Lefty)

Various stands, holders, and mounts


Roland TD-30 Electronic Drums

Roland SPD-SX Sample Player

Roland Octopad


Meinl Cajon with Kick pedal

Various tambourines, woodblocks, shakers, triangles and other toys

Congas, Bongos, Djembe


ProMark FireGrain 5B Forward

Vic Firth AJ 1

Various Vic Firth brushes, rods and mallets




Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4

Univeral Audio 4-710D (Modded by Black Lion Audio)

Sansamp RBI

Presonus Digimax FS


Pearlman TM-1

2x Coles 4038

2x Rode NT-1a

3x Rode NT-5

2x Cascade Fathead w/Lundahl Transformer

Shure Beta 57

AKG D112

Audix D6

Yamaha SubKick

2x Shure SM57

Shure SM58

3x Sennheiser e604

Outboard Processing

Warm Audio WA-76 Compressor

Overstayer Audio SVC Mix Bus Processor

Monitoring and Summing

Dangerous Music DBOX

Dynaudio BM5a MkIII

Audio Technica ATH-AD2000x Heaphones


Presonus FaderPort


Antelope Orion Studio+ Rev. 2017

Mackie Onyx Blackbird

Focusrite 2i2

Computer and Software

Mac Pro Tower

15" Macbook Pro

Pro Tools 10/11

Numerous Plugins including Exponential Audio PhoenixVerb and R2


2x QSC K10

Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2

Instruments, Amps, EFX, ETC

Nord Electro 4D

Carvin 5 String Bass

Mesa Boogie TA-15 and 1x12 Cab

Way Huge Green Rhino

MXR Carbon Copy

Boss RE-20 Space Echo




Work With Matt

Matt is available for hire as a drummer, producer or engineer for all types of work.

on Drums  

- Live Performances

- Recording sessions at his studio, The Koop, or elsewhere

- Drum tracks over the internet

Behind the glass

- Recording sessions at his studio, The Koop, or elsewhere

- Live performance record

- Mixing, Mastering